Rituals after Death

You may have heard many times about the funeral after the death of someone, but have you heard about the funeral of people alive. A South Korean company offers a funeral for the living. To make life better, a company called Hyvon Healing has offered to conduct the last rites. The company says that they started the concept of ‘Living Funeral’ in 2012. Since then, till date 25000 people have been cremated while alive.

The company has also claimed that these people come to them on their own free will. They all try to improve life by realizing death before dying. In this context, 75-year-old Cho Je He said that once you feel the death, then you adopt a new attitude towards life. He recently performed his last rites at ‘Living Funeral’.

People from 15 years to 75 years can participate in ‘Living Funeral’. All these people live in a closed coffin shroud for 10 minutes. During this all the funeral rituals are completed.

South Korea ranks 33rd in the survey conducted in 40 countries of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Developments Better Life Index. South Koreans have high hopes for education and employment, which are falling due to poor economy and rising unemployment.

According to the World Health Organization, the suicide rate in South Korea in 2016 was 20.2 per one lakh people, almost double the global average (10.53). In this context, the efforts of people in the country to create a positive attitude towards life are being made through ‘Living Funeral’.

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