Bagdadi special forces

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been put to death in the face of terror, which became a headache for the whole world. The whole world has got freedom from his terror. Baghdadi created a separate country in the name of terror. Militants from all over the world were recruited in terrorist forces. Baghdadi used to give salary to every fighter. In Mosul, he had assets worth about 4700 crores. He built an empire of about 13 thousand crores rupees. Actually Baghdadi used to run ISIS like a company. Baghdadi was ranked 73rd in the list of world’s 100 most powerful people by Forbes, a world-renowned magazine in 2018.

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Baghdadi’s relative Mohammed Ali Sajet joined the militant army of Baghdadi in 2015. Later it went up to the Iraqi authorities. When the questioning started with Sajet, it was found that he knew many important secrets of Baghdadi. He told, “His hiding position was very good, we didn’t think he would be killed. Due to the strictness of the security forces in the area, it was difficult for them to get out from where we were. Baghdadi always talked about its deteriorating security system due to the strictness of the security forces. He wanted to get out but he did not know how he would do all this. He was hidden in a hole. The tunnel was 8 meters long and 5-6 meters wide, it also had a library, which contained Quran and religious books. “

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During interrogation, it was found that Baghdadi had made arrangements to hide his money in the same way as his hideout kept changing. He would have hidden in the desert so that he could get hold of money in a bank or locker. Baghdadi had hidden about 175 crores in the desert. However, only one of its treasures has been revealed so far. Baghdadi may have hidden many more such treasures at different places.

Baghdadi had given its fighters the free hand to loot the bank. Not only this, there was a separate tax on goods sold and bought in every city, cash was collected from them. By robbing the banks, they earned about Rs 27 crore every month and by imposing their tax, they earned about Rs 14 crore every month.

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He also captured the oil refinery. In such a situation, he used to earn around 11 crores every day by selling oil. About 28 crores were earned from the ransom amount every month. Millions of people were influenced by the ideology of Baghdadi and its organization, ISIS, as a result people started sending them donations. According to data from the US Treasury, Baghdadi used to earn about three and a half crores of rupees from donations every year. Overall, Baghdadi surpassed Osama bin Laden in running a company of terror, and that is probably why US President Donald Trump called Baghdadi a bigger terrorist than Osama bin Laden.

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